Hotgo Park in Fushun, China is a bit of enigma, the park’s water park opened ages ago but the rest of the site has set empty for years. However construction has finally started on the main park and it includes a Gravity Group terrain woodie. The images below are unfortunately small but show off the rides layout and construction of the park.

The ride will have a total track length of 1,200 meters (4000ft) and a  maximum speed of 94km/h (58mph) as well as featuring tunnels and at least one 90 degree banked turn.

4 Responses to “Hotgo Park Gravity Group Woodie Layout And Construction.”

  1. Masane MiyaPA says:

    That SLC is a New generation of BSA SLC just like Five Tigers Island

    • Mr Moriarty says:

      Good to know. What are the main differences? From what I remember the 2 barrel rolls rotate the other way correct?

      • Masane MiyaPA says:

        More graduate First drop, and Loop、 helix supports

        • Mr Moriarty says:

          Interesting. Have you managed to find out if it rides any better?

          I’m heading to China in October but my plans only include a Hebei Zhongye Metallurgica SLC and two of the older BSA models.

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