Wanda group have slowly been releasing details about planned rides for their batch of new parks. We’ve already seen the B&M flyer and Intamin water coaster for the park in Xishuangbanna as well as the GCI wooden coaster “Viper” planned for the park in Nanchang.

Now we have another new ride to add to the list. An Intamin launched coaster is set to join Viper at the Nanchang park. The ride has been described as the “Ultra-High Coaster Project” and Wanda recently conducted a meeting with Intamin discussing the projects details.



An article on the Wanda news site mentions they were discussing details such as the the electrical interface and the construction process suggesting the projects fairly far along. Another article mentions the planned ride will be 74m tall, launch at 136km/h and be over 1500m long.

Those dimensions suggest a ride similar to Stealth at Thorpe Park but a little taller.

Other rides mentioned as in planning on the Wanda site are a Maurer Skyloop for Heifei and a Mack Blue Fire ride for Harbin.


2 Responses to “Wanda City, Nanchang To Add Intamin Launched Coaster.”

  1. If this ride is indeed 1500 meters long, it would be around 3 times as long as Stealth, and double the lengths of Full Throttle. Apart from Formula Rossa (2000 m.) this would be one of the longest Intamin Launchers ever.

    • Mr Moriarty says:

      Ah yes sorry I was getting confused between m and ft there. As they may have been I guess. We’ll just have to wait and see. Which unfortunately could be a while.

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