What was meant to be a happy family reunion turned into a tragedy last week when a 10 year old boy died at West Park in Wenzhou, China. The accident occured on the parks river rapids ride when the boy fell into the water and became trapped in the rides conveyor belt lift which brings the circular rapids boats back to the station.

A roughly translated news story from WRZB can be read below.

“The accident happened suddenly, The boys aunt, Ms. Zhang who had been watching from the shore  quickly called for help, but the belt did not stop. The aunt went to the control room operator who stopped the operation of the conveyor belt.

When Ms. Zhang and park staff recovered the boy from the water, “the child was already bloody and his hands and feet had been crushed and he was not breathing.”  The boys family broke down in tears.

The boys relatives said, the park should set up warning signs on the shore, or have staff remind visitors not to disembark without permission, After the incident, the city has set up an accident investigation team and has experts on the scene to conduct a field survey and evidence collection”

The ride was swiftly closed down following the accident and the river channel drained of water. My heart and deepest sorrow goes out to the boys family and friends.

Pictures of the ride and a the accident scene can be seen below. Please note the last picture includes graphic images which some may be disturbing.


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